New Website!

New Website!

By on May 30, 2013 in Blog

Welcome to the new website! After nearly several years with the old website, we decided it is finally time to update.

When we started in the 80s, we set out to bring our clients a fast, accurate appraisal using cutting-edge technology. Back then, we had “advanced” computers running specialized database software programs to digitize and store our records. Our car phones were actual phones in the car - the bulk of it was stored in trunk, and there was an antenna stuck to the roof. We were some of the first to use digital photography, and spent years convincing banks and clients that digital records were just as good!

Real estate appraising has changed so much since then, and we have done everything we can to keep up. We now use econometric models, mapping software, aerial photography, cloud-based data and any number of things that seemed inconceivable only a few years ago.

Although much has changed – our cell phones have more computing power than those mainframes, and our cell phone fits in our pocket – some things remain the same. Our commitment to honest, fair, market-based valuation has kept us grounded through all the change, and in demand when the market turned a few years ago.

We’ve built our business on fairness, technology and core market principles. We look forward to sharing that story with you on our new website and blog.

Thanks for your interest!

-Joe, Lisa and the Time Saving Team

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